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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Having troubles with AMAZONAS Magazine? Our most commonly-encountered questions often have simple, easy answers. If you get stuck or don’t find your problem addressed here, please don’t hesitate to contact our Email HOTLINE:, or CALL and leave us a voice message, Toll-Free: 800-217-3523. Calls are normally returned between 10 AM – 6 PM Central Time, Monday-Friday.

FAQ: Subscriptions

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If I subscribe today, which issue will I start with?

In summary, to start a subscription with:

  1. issue #1 (Jan/Feb) order by the end of October
  2. issue #2 (Mar/Apr) order by the end of December
  3. issue #3 (May/Jun) order by the end of February
  4. issue #4 (Jul/Aug) order by the end of April
  5. issue #5 (Sep/Oct) order by the end of June
  6. issue #6 (Nov/Dec) order by the end of August

AMAZONAS is published bi-monthly in November, January, March, May, July, and September.

For example, the first issue of a volume (e.g January/February 2020) is published and mails in late November to early December (of 2019) and arrives at most subscribers throughout the month of December (again, December 2019 for the Jan/Feb 2020 issue). US-based subscriptions arrive sooner than Canadian and International subscriptions.

The exact dates we generate each issues’ mailing lists change from year to year, so to be on the safe side, our dates here may allow for a week or two of leeway. So, for example, to start with the first issue of a year, you should subscribe or renew by the end of October (although the actual cutoff date may be at a later date in early November). If you are ever unsure, please contact customer service to learn which issue new subscriptions are currently starting with.

A new subscription or lapsed-subscription renewal which misses the particular cutoff date will start with the next issue in line; unfortunately we are unable to start a subscription with an issue that you may have missed. You can purchase missed issues through the AMAZONAS Magazine Back Issue Shop.

All subscriptions include access to the AMAZONAS Digital Edition (log in required). New digital issues are activated roughly 2-3 weeks prior to the cover date (so, the January/February issue goes live in mid-December).

I just subscribed to AMAZONAS, when will I receive my first issue?

Thank you for subscribing! AMAZONAS is published bi-monthly in January, March, May, July, September, and November. You may begin accessing the digital edition immediately with this link, simply use your email address and password created during checkout.

Please allow up to 10 weeks for your first print issue to arrive (possibly longer for international shipping). 

For an approximate look at the yearly schedule: 

  1. issue #1 (Jan/Feb) starts subscription orders received in mid-September through October, mails late November/early December
  2. issue #2 (Mar/Apr) starts subscription orders in mid-November through December, mails late January/early February
  3. issue #3 (May/Jun) starts subscription orders in mid-January through February, mails late March/early April
  4. issue #4 (Jul/Aug) starts subscription orders in mid-March through April, mails late May/early June
  5. issue #5 (Sep/Oct) starts subscription orders in mid-May through June, mails late July/early August
  6. issue #6 (Nov/Dec) starts subscription orders in mid-July through August, mails late September/early October.

Actual cutoff dates for each issue vary and extend into the beginning of some months, so please email if you want to know exactly which issue a new subscription will start with at that moment. If your purchase a subscription after a cutoff date for an issue you wanted to start with, you can always purchase these issues and have them shipped to your door through our AMAZONAS Magazine Back Issue Shop!

I’m trying to place an order, but I don’t have a PayPal account. How can I process my payment with a credit card?

NOTE – As of August, 2022, there is a current, known issue between PayPal and our Subscription Management Platform that is causing some customers to be forced into a PayPal account. This is an issue outside of our control, but we are working with both companies to get it resolved. If you require assistance, please email

Thank you for your order! PayPal is our credit card processor, and no PayPal account is needed to process your payment. Simply proceed to the payment page for your order, and you will be able to enter credit card information instead. You may be prompted to log in; look for the option to “Pay with a Credit or Debit Card” and select that. This option appears differently between our subscriber management platform and here on the website. See these examples:

Debit/Credit card button when paying for a subscription.

Debit/Credit option when completing a purchase on

Please note that your subscription order may show as a PayPal charge from Aquatic Media Press LLC on your bank statement.

We do apologize that unfortunately PayPal does not process credit card payments for select countries at this time, such as Turkey and Bangladesh.

I'm not located in the U.S. What does an AMAZONAS subscription cost in my national currency?

All AMAZONAS subscriptions are priced in USD. International and Canadian subscription rates include additional shipping costs and are higher than the domestic rates. When you choose to purchase a subscription, US-based subscription rates are shown by default. Simply scroll down on the page and select your country in the subscriber details section. All of the prices will update to reflect your rates, in USD.

We cannot predict or furnish the exchange rate that PayPal and/or your credit card will apply to convert your payment into US Dollars. However, there is some information available for PayPal members at’s-currency-exchange-rates-faq1976

You can expect that the PayPal conversion to USD will be at a lower rate than the current exchange rate. For example, on July 23rd, 2021, the Morningstar exchange rate from British Pound to USD was  £1 = $1.38. The rate provided by PayPal was  £1 = $1.33.
There could also be other fees for making an international payment outside of the exchange rate that PayPal assesses, so we encourage you to direct any such questions to your financial service provider.
How do I know how many issues I have remaining on my subscription?

You may manage your account and see remaining issues by logging in at this link. If you have the packaging from a recent mailing, your remaining issues will also show on the mailing label along with your renewal code.

I just received the digital edition email, but haven’t received my print copy yet.

The print copies for this issue are in the mail via USPS, please allow 1-2 weeks for your print copy to arrive (3-4 weeks for international shipping). If you experience any further delay receiving your print copy, please contact us so we may look into your account.

I recently moved, how do I update my address?
You may access your account at this link to update your address. Please contact us at if you have any further questions.
How do I change the email address on my account?

Changing an email address on an account is one of the few things that a subscriber cannot manage on their own. Please email or leave us a message at 800-217-3523 so we can assist you with this update.

I'm considering a subscription; do you offer free samples?

If you look at the main menu of this website you’ll see “Free Sample Issue” as one of our main website menu items. You can see an entire issue in the digital format for free at – this is a full, free issue from cover to cover. This is also a great way to try out the mobile/digital edition that’s part of every subscription.

While we do not mail free copies to prospective subscribers, you can purchase individual back issues in our online shop to be shipped directly to you – You can also find single-issue copies of AMAZONAS at the finest independent aquatics retailers in the country, and even around the globe! Find a current list of retailers at

Does AMAZONAS auto-renew? Do I need to cancel my subscription?

AMAZONAS Magazine subscriptions never auto-renew; they require you to initiate renewal if you want to keep receiving the publication. You will start to receive notifications via email and/or with print copies when you have 2 issues remaining. Waiting too long to renew when your subscription runs out can result in missed issues. 

FAQ: Digital Edition

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How do I access the AMAZONAS Magazine digital edition?

The digital edition can be accessed by selecting the link at the bottom of our homepage or by following this link. You may log in using your email address and password created at checkout. If you don’t remember your password or haven’t created one yet, click “Forgot Password?” to create a new one.

HELP! I can't access the digital edition! (Troubleshooting)

From time to time we receive customer service inquiries from people who are having trouble accessing their digital subscription (all AMAZONAS subscribers have access to the digital edition and archives). We know that these issues can be incredibly frustrating, particularly since fixing these problems often requires you to be actively involved in the process, your own at-home tech support!

That said, every access issue we’ve encountered has been a problem specific to the subscriber, which means that ultimately while we can help, you will have to do some work on your end to get your digital access restored.

Here are the troubleshooting steps you can take prior to contacting us!

1. Verify that your subscription is active. Only active subscriptions can access the digital edition. Visit

2. Reset your password if you believe you have a password-related issue or you are unable to log in at the above subscriber-management page. To get started, visit

3. Some people report problems with resetting their passwords. If you are convinced this is a password-related issue, be sure you’re resetting your subscriber password. AMAZONAS has two separate access systems; one for subscription management, and one for back issue shopping on For the digital subscription, you should be resetting your password here –> Also be sure that you are getting the emails for the password reset process and be sure you are completing the steps; check your junkmail and/or clutter folders in case they’re showing up there. Auto-generated passwords can be difficult to type; we suggest trying copy & pasting them (make sure you don’t copy any “space” characters). Once you have restored access, you can change your password to something you’re able to remember & manually type. A full, detailed step-by-step password-reset tutorial can be found at

4. Make sure you’re using the correct login location. You cannot access the current digital edition through our old mobile apps (which are no longer in service and were a completely separate platform), or old login pages that may have been bookmarked by long-time subscribers. The only login portal for the digital edition is at

5. Make sure you’re using the correct email address. We’ve had subscribers who have multiple email addresses who simply tried to log in with a different one than the one they used to subscribe with.

6. Make sure you’re not trying to log in with the caps-lock on. Passwords are case sensitive.

7. Check to make sure you have an active and reliable Internet connection. We have had users on mobile devices lose connections during a session, and thus unable to view content after logging in. If you’re on a weak or unstable wi-fi network, it will negatively impact your ability to browse the digital edition.

8. Try clearing your cache and cookies in your browser for anything Amazonas-related. Providing instructions on how to do this is beyond the scope of our tech support, as every browser and platform combination may handle these items differently.

9. Try using a different browser on your device. For example, if you’re using Chrome, try Firefox.

10. Reboot your computer/phone/device and try again.

11. Try a different Internet connection than the one you’re normally using.

12. Try accessing your account on a different device.

If you use these troubleshooting steps and you find something that works, please tell us about it. Your success may help others find success as well.

Almost always, the answer to your access problems is likely found in the steps above.

If you are still stuck and have exhausted these troubleshooting steps, please do not hesitate to contact us. That is the point at which we will “take over” your account, resetting the password on our end to double-check the system itself. During this process, we remove your password, which will cut off your access. If we are unable to log into your account even at that point, then we know we have an issue to report to our subscriber management platform. However, if our test is successful, then we have to point you back to resetting your password again in order to restore your access.

If we’ve gone this far and you’re still having issues, we may ask for further details regarding your specific device setup, screenshots, whatever we can to bring this to the partners that deploy the digital platform. They may wish to work with you directly to attempt to restore your access.


I can access my subscription management account, but cannot access the digital edition.

We have had a small number of subscribers report that they find they are able to successfully log in to Subscription Genius to access and manage their subscriptions, but are unable to log in to the digital edition. Since both platforms are controlled by the same service and credentials, this is an unusual set of circumstances.

While we do not know what causes this, all subscribers have been able to successfully access the digital edition once they have reset their subscriber passwords.

Do you have digital back issues? Which issues are included in the digital edition?

All subscribers, whether Print + FREE Digital, or Digital-Only, have access to the AMAZONAS Digital Edition. Inside the Digital Edition, a range of back issues is available to read underneath the “Archive” menu.

Currently, the following years’ issues are available as digital back issues:

  • 2021
  • 2020
  • 2019
  • 2018
  • 2017
  • 2016
  • 2015
  • 2014

Other issues may become available in the future.

What do I need to read the AMAZONAS Magazine Digital Edition?

Try before you buy! A sample of the AMAZONAS Magazine digital edition is available to try on any device you may wish to use. Note, certain functionalities are disabled in the sample (e.g. back-issue archive access).

HTML5 Viewer Supported browsers:

  • iPad/Phone – iOS 5+ Safari, Chrome 23+, Firefox 19+
  • Android – Chrome 23+, Firefox 19+
  • Desktop – Chrome 23+, Firefox 19+, Internet Explorer 11, Safari 5+, Microsoft Edge 38+ (Windows 10)

Internet Connection: A broadband connection is required to view our digital editions. Due to the nature of our digital publishing platform, dial-up connections simply do not have enough bandwidth to achieve a satisfactory reader experience.

Offline Access: You can download PDF versions of each issue for offline reading; plan ahead of time! Up-to-date versions of Adobe Acrobat Reader are recommended for the best offline viewing experience.

Firewall/Proxies: If you are accessing our digital edition through a firewall or proxy, check with your network administrator to determine if cookies are permitted. Also, if you are using a proxy (depending on your settings) you may not always be viewing the most current version of the publication platform.

Pop-Up Blockers: If you have a pop-up blocker installed, it may also prevent some functionality on the publication platform.

Display Resolution: Our viewer requires a MINIMUM resolution of 1024×768. Higher resolutions are supported and recommended.

I never needed a password before to access my account or the digital edition, why am I being asked to use a password now?

Prior to this time, AMAZONAS Online Customer Service only utilized a subscriber’s email address for identification, both for logging into our digital edition and for managing subscriber information including changes of address and renewals. Our security update means that most subscribers’ accounts have never had a password associated with them, but going forward you’ll need one to access your account information and more importantly, to view the web-based AMAZONAS Digital Edition (our Kindle, iOS and Android apps run on different systems, and are unaffected). It is extremely easy to generate a password for the first time, along with retrieving a lost one or creating one that is easy for you to remember.

I used to be able to access the whole digital archive, but now there are years missing?

When the prior publishers of AMAZONAS migrated the digital edition to the new and improved platform, they were limited with regards to the number of back issues they could initially include in the new deployment. As a result, the digital editions and back issues ranged from 2017 to present when this migration occurred.

Since Aquatic Media Press took over ownership of AMAZONAS in 2018, we have been looking for options to restore the full digital archive. On April 24th, 2020, we were pleased to announce the restoration of all issues from 2015. On May 10th, 2020, we announced the restoration of all issues from 2016. On February 10th, 2021, we announced the restoration of all issues from 2014. Back issues from 2012 and 2013 may become available in the future.

As a reminder, all active subscribers have access to the AMAZONAS Digitial Edition and the full range of available digital back issues.

If you’re missing any favorite issues, we do have back issues available for purchase on our website:

What happened to the AMAZONAS apps on iPhone and Android?

After evaluating the various AMAZONAS digital delivery systems, we found the web-based digital edition to be a far superior platform and user experience than the existing apps. If you had been a prior app subscriber, we encourage you to try our FREE AMAZONAS digital sample issue and see if you don’t agree! Unlike the apps, you are not limited to simply browsing the magazine layout on a small screen, having to drag and zoom around the page to read. The current digital platform is 100% mobile friendly and fully illustrated—check out the “contents view” option. If you like what you see, please subscribe!

As a result of our evaluation, AMAZONAS Magazine apps were phased out in 2019, and went offline in late Q1 2020 once all subscriptions to those platforms had expired. App users who had shared their personal information with the company through iTunes or Google Play were given 1-free year of digital access during our phase out period.

Again, if you were a former app user, please try digital sample; we think you’ll agree it is a superior reading experience and hope that you’ll subscribe again! If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!


Didn’t find it here? Still need help?

Contact our Email HOTLINE:, or CALL and leave us a voice message, Toll-Free: 800-217-3523. Calls are normally returned between 10 AM – 6 PM Central Time, Monday-Friday.

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