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You’re moments away from ordering what some are calling the most definitive publication on characins in the last 30 years. Enthusiasts of new and exciting aquarium fish won’t want to miss this expansive special edition from AMAZONAS Magazine, not available with any subscription! Take a look…

PLANTED WORLDS - the March/April 2016 issue of AMAZONAS Magazine.

This Special Edition
has it all!

The Tangled Bank: Notes On The Creation Of A Vertical Garden Aquarium, by Steve Waldron, Aquarium Zen

Hot New Tetra Species

With changes in Brazilian law, many dazzling new tetras are coming to the aquarium hobby! Dozens are featured in this unique special edition of AMAZONAS.

Pages from "Rare New Plants from Borneo: Bucephalandra" by Flair Wang in collaboration with Crimson Taiwan.

Stories That Transport You

More than just a fish catalog, world-renowned researchers take you into the field to discover the biotopes and habitats of these new tetras.

"Silent Awakening" aquascape by Fernando Boturao Francischelli of São Paulo, Brazil. Class Winner in the 2015 AGA International Aquascaping Competition

Critical Timing

It’s a battle between conservation, deforestation and changing land use. Gorgeous new tetras could one day be found only in our aquariums! Learn why…

Carbon Dioxide In Planted Aquariums, by Ole Pedersen, Troels Andersen, and Claus Christensen, in the May/June 2012 issue of AMAZONAS

Husbandry and Breeding

Learn what it takes to propagate these new tetras in your own home. Some are easy, and some are downright challenging. Are you up for it?

This AMAZONAS Special Edition is sure to awaken a newfound appreciation and passion for the tetras of Brazil!

"Three New Labyrinth Fishes (Anabantoids)," by Stefan van der Voort, July/August 2013 issue of AMAZONAS.

Escape to Brazil…

…with captivating travel journals written by the scientists who embark on journies of exploration and discovery to bring back undiscovered aquatic gems!

"Out Of Java: A Passion For Crypts," interview by Hans-Georg Evers, in the May/June 2015 issue of AMAZONAS.

Taxonomy 101

Learn all about the many allied families of Characiformes, from pencilfishes to payaras, and how these bedazzling Brazilian tetras fit into the group!

"Cryptocorynes In Nature," by Maike Wilstermann-Hildebrand and Cord Hildebrand, in the May/June 2015 issue of AMAZONAS

Learn From Experts

Get behind the scenes at Piscicultura Tanganyika and learn how new Brazilian tetras are being brought to market in a sustainable manner.

"Chaos In Black And White," by Haakon Haagensen, in the May/June 2014 issue of AMAZONAS

Dive In…

…the water’s great! Join us for revealing discussions of tetras you thought you knew, and the relatives you didn’t even know existed!

What are authors and reviewers saying about

“The Characins Special Edition is incredible!”

The tetra issue is going to be a historical reference for at least the next 10 years….it is incredible, and I hope it becomes a huge hit for you guys!

Jake Adams

Reef Builders, Colorado, USA

“The first publication showing many of these species…”

It is very exciting to be part of a project showing all these new fishes. With the incredible diversity of new tetras coming from Brazil, it has been great to work on the first publication showing many of these species.

Oliver Lucanus

Characins Contributing Author, BelowWater.com, Montreal, Canada

“The best thing published about small Characidae in decades.”

This special issue isin my opinionone of the most important publications on small South American Characidae in the aquatic hobby literature. I was always dreaming of such a compilation. Now, it is reality.

Hans-Georg Evers

Characins Contributing Author, Founding Editor and former Editor-In-Chief of AMAZONAS Magazine, Hamburg, Germany

 “I hope there are plans for more of these Special Editions!”

Just a quick note from a long time aquarist, 55 years, and an initial subscriber to AMAZONAS who has seen many aquarium magazines come and go. I have thoroughly enjoyed AMAZONAS and recommend it to many of my associates. I particularly enjoyed the Characins-New Brazilian Tetras Special Edition. Keep it up and I hope there are plans for more of these Special Editions.

Stephen T. Carlile

AMAZONAS Subscriber since 2011

“Wow, Amazing Work!”

Absolutely loved the Characin Special Edition! You guys should be really proud of this special issue – it is among the most impressive aquarium publication in the last decade.

Vin Kutty

AMAZONAS Subscriber since 2011

“This is awesome!”

This is an awesome special edition. Thank you so much for putting this together.

Regis de Andrade

AMAZONAS Subscriber since 2020

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