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PLANTED WORLDS - the March/April 2016 issue of AMAZONAS Magazine.


The March/April 2016 issue of AMAZONAS Magazine, available to all print subscribers in the FREE digital archives.

AQUATIC PLANTS - the May/June 2012 issue of AMAZONAS Magazine


The May/June 2012 issue of AMAZONAS Magazine, available to all print subscribers in the FREE digital archives.

AMAZONAS Magazine is also beautiful on the inside, with exceptional content of interest to you.

The Tangled Bank: Notes On The Creation Of A Vertical Garden Aquarium, by Steve Waldron, Aquarium Zen

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Get new ideas from innovative aquarists who share the secrets of creating beautiful aquascapes.

Pages from "Rare New Plants from Borneo: Bucephalandra" by Flair Wang in collaboration with Crimson Taiwan.

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Stay informed with feature articles that explore aquarium topics in-depth—all written by leading, trustworthy authors.

"Silent Awakening" aquascape by Fernando Boturao Francischelli of São Paulo, Brazil. Class Winner in the 2015 AGA International Aquascaping Competition

World’s Best Tanks

We proudly present the work of cutting edge aquascapers competing in Aquatic Gardeners Association (AGA) international events.

Carbon Dioxide In Planted Aquariums, by Ole Pedersen, Troels Andersen, and Claus Christensen, in the May/June 2012 issue of AMAZONAS

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Of course, AMAZONAS Magazine is so much more than articles about plants and aquascaping…

"Cryptocorynes In Nature," by Maike Wilstermann-Hildebrand and Cord Hildebrand, in the May/June 2015 issue of AMAZONAS

Go to the Wildest Places

AMAZONAS transports you to the far-flung places that are home to tropical fish and plant species.

"Out Of Java: A Passion For Crypts," interview by Hans-Georg Evers, in the May/June 2015 issue of AMAZONAS.

Meet The Masters

See and hear the aquarium world’s leading breeders, collectors and biologists in their own fishrooms, farms and labs.

"Three New Labyrinth Fishes (Anabantoids)," by Stefan van der Voort, July/August 2013 issue of AMAZONAS.

Discover New Species

Stay up to date on exciting newly discovered fish, plants, shrimp and other amazing aquarium livestock.

"Chaos In Black And White," by Haakon Haagensen, in the May/June 2014 issue of AMAZONAS

Know the Issues

Keep abreast of conservation and aquatic science topics that affect the aquarium life we all love.

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“AMAZONAS is widely regarded as among the finest publications in the aquarium hobby…”

It’s fair to say that there currently exists no better publication for dedicated hobbyists with each issue featuring cutting-edge articles on fishes, invertebrates, aquatic plants, field trips to tropical destinations plus the latest in husbandry and breeding breakthroughs by expert aquarists, all accompanied by excellent photography throughout.

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