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Dwarf Shrimps
Volume 1, Number 2


4    Editorial by Hans-Georg Evers
6    Aquatic Notebook

20    Indonesia: Shrimp Breeders for the World by Hans-Georg Evers
28    Maintenance and Breeding of Dwarf Shrimps by Kurt Mack
38    Black and Red: Selective Breeding of Two Shrimps by Kurt Mack
45    The Blue Tiger Shrimp by Roland Blankenhaus

52    Aquatic Travel: In the Biotope of the Festive Cichlid by Mario Herz and Roland Rietsch
62    Planted Aquariums: A 50-Gallon Riparium
by Devin Biggs

72    Husbandry & Breeding:   A new Rhinogobius species by Frank Strozyk and Thomas Ackermann
78    Husbandry & Breeding:  Opals with fins (Neolamprologus signatus)
by Ole Arnold Schneider
82    Fishkeeping Basics: Starting With Corydoras by Ian Fuller
90    Aquatic Plants: by Mary Bailey
96    Husbandry & Breeding: The Splash Tetra (Copella arnoldi)
by Cornelia Hinz & Claus Fischer

100    Aquarium Calendar: Upcoming events by Mary Sweeney
102    Retail Sources
104    New Species Snapshots
108    Society Connections
112    Parting Shot by Keith Burke

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