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Volume 1, Number 4

2     Editorial by Hans-Georg Evers
4     Aquatic Notebook

20   Conserving Malawi Cichlids in their Natural Habitat by Ad Konings
30   The Copadichromis mbenjii Group
by Harold Walz

36   Aulonocara baenschi, the New Yellow Regal Peacock by Janita Webeler
42   Two Dwarf Pseudotropheus from Lake Malawi by Jens Hamann

46 Aquatic Travel: Into the wilds of West Papua in search of the Neon Rainbowfish by Johannes Graf
54 Husbandry & Breeding: Miniature rasboras of the genus Boraras: Brilliant things in tiny packages by Paul V. Loiselle, Ph.D.
66 Aquatic Plants: Rare new plants from Borneo: Bucephalandra by Flair Wang with Crimson Taiwan; A Fan’s Notes by Jake Adams
72 Husbandry & Breeding: Channa pulchra: The Rainbow Snakehead by Nora Brede and Markus Kleinbölting
78 Husbandry & Breeding: Ancistrus sp. “Rio Paraguay”: A small spotted catfish from Paraguay by Wolfgang Kochsiek

82 Aquarium Calendar: Upcoming events by Mary E. Sweeney
84 Retail Sources
88 Do It Yourself: A surface skimmer for duckweed by Cord Hildebrand and Maike Wilstermann-Hildebrand
88 Species Snapshots
92 Society Connections
112 Amazonas Preview 

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