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Volume 1, Number 5

2     Editorial by Hans-Georg Evers
4     Aquatic Notebook

20     Why are Licorice Gouramis the way they are? by Martin Hallmann
28     Traveling in Licorice Gourami Biotopes by Horst Linke
36     Breeding Licorice Gouramis by Günter Kopic
44     The Parosophrenus Project:  a Global Conservation Network by Peter Finke

50     Aquascape Design: Amazon Reef by Steve Waldron
56     Species Discovery: New pike cichlids from Argentina by Oliver Lucanus
62     Husbandry & Breeding: Successful breeding of the Sunshine Pleco: Scobinancistrus aureatus by Rajantra Sinardja Rahardja
68     Husbandry & Breeding: Cryptoheros septemfasciatus: Delicate beauty from Central America by Juan Miguel Artigas Azaz
74     Aquarium Basics: Snail vs. snail: Assassin Snails by Neale Monks
79     Aquarium Basics: The immortal Malayan Burrowing Snail by Mary Bailey
82     Husbandry & Breeding: The Fruit Snail: Neritina juttingae by Maike Wilstermann-Hildebrand

84     Aquarium Calendar: Upcoming events by Mary E. Sweeney
86     Retail Sources
88     Species Snapshots
92     Society Connections
96     Amazonas Preview

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