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AMAZONAS completes its first year of publishing in English with an issue covering discus breeding and husbandry with contributions from an international array of experts:

Asian Discus Color Forms:
A revolution in discus breeding
by Horst Köhler

Discus Made in Germany:
An interview with Heinz Stendker
of Diskuszucht Stendker
by Thomas Weidner

Discus Defeat
by Ole Klawonn

Discus: Myth & Reality
by Mary E. Sweeney

Winning Discus:
An expert’s basic guide to raising,
keeping, and grooming
show-quality Symphysodon
by Dick Au


Aquatic Plants:
NANO! Think small (but lush):
Little footprints…big impressions
by Karen Randall

Husbandry & Breeding:
Dario dario: The Scarlet Badis
by Frank Strozyk and Andreas Sander

Fish Room
Patrick Yap: Hunting for the new and rare
by Hans-Georg Evers and Kamphol Udomrhitthiruj


Editorial by Hans-Georg Evers

Aquatic Notebook

Aquarium Calendar:
Upcoming events
by Mary E. Sweeney

AMAZONAS Destinations:
World-class aquarium shops and places to visit

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Species Snapshots

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