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Volume 2, Number 1

4     Editorial
by Hans-Georg Evers
6     Aquatic Notebook

24     The Latest On Pterophyllum: Species and forms of angelfishes by Heiko Bleher
32     A Life With Angels by Bernd Schmitt
42     Pterophyllum Altum: The King of the Río Orinoco by Simon Forkel
48     Angelfish: Genetic Transparency Changes Everything by Matt Pedersen

58     Fishkeeping Basics: Common health problems in Corydoradine catfishes by Ian Fuller
66     Fish Room: Serious fishrooms: breeding aquarium fishes for the wholesale trade by Walter Hilgner
74     Husbandry & Breeding: With flashes of brilliant color, a new blue-eye is here! by Hans-Georg Evers
78     Husbandry & Breeding: Chilatherina sentaniensis: long sought, finally found by Thomas Hörning
82     Reportage: From Thailand: new snakeheads by Dominik Niemeier and Pascal Antler

88     Retail Sources
90     Species Snapshots
94     Society Connections
98     Underwater Eye

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