This ultra-low-profile planted aquarium by aquascaping master James Findley in Wales is sure to get the inspirational juices flowing for many aquarists. It appears larger than it is in these images: the total volume is just 19 gallons (72-L) in a footprint of 47 x 12 x 7.8 inches.


‘Tributary’ aquascape by James Findley

The Green Machine Ltd.
Wrexham, Wales

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Professional aquascaper and founder of The Green Machine, James Findley explains that not only are shallow aquariums incredibly fun to work with, but they also make it very simple to achieve outstanding results, and present ample opportunity for individual experimentation and artistic interpretation.

James Findley’s latest work entitled ‘Tributary’ demonstrates what can be achieved with these unusual aquariums.

James chose the ADA Cube Garden 120-F (120 x 30 x 20 cm ) because he wanted the opportunity to experiment with something new: ‘Shallow tanks provide a fantastic opportunity to do something a bit different, and to really experiment with aquascaping in a fun and inventive way. Variety is one of the things I love about aquascaping, and pushing the boundaries is what it makes it so fun and exciting!’