In a marketing move that rivals, if not surpasses, Two Little Fishies’ inuendo-riddled “pH Balance” advertisements (see CORAL Magazine Sept/Oct 2013, page 114) that have stirred reader controversy in the past, Repashy Specialty Pet Products released two new freshwater aquatic feeds this summer.

REDRUM – Carotenoid-loaded Gel Premix by Repashy Superfoods

The first new food from Repashy Superfoods, REDRUM, is poised to be a “killer” new feed designed to “blow you away” with amazing coloration in your fishes.

This “Carotenoid Supplement gel premix is designed to be mixed with [Repashy’s] freshwater and saltwater formulas”, with a suggested general mix composition of 10%, but can be fed exclusively for therapuetic purposes according to Repashy’s literature. Such a food could be used to augment, for example, marine diets being fed to captive-bred clownfish, or freshwater diets offered to goldfish & livebearers. Truly, any fish requiring high carotenoid pigments in the diet to help the offspring develop and maintain the bright orange and red colorations would benefit from the inclusion of REDRUM to augment the base diet being offered.

Repashy Superfoods’ new Morning Wood – Xylivore Gel Premix

The more controversially (or humorously) named product, Allen Repashy’s Morning Wood, is a Xylivore Gel Premix; to be a xylivore is to feed on or to consume wood, as many Loricarid catfishes are known to do.

We’ll let the product catelog description speak for itself: “Our Super Firm, Long Lasting Formula for Fish that like to Suck Hard Wood. This freshwater gel premix formula uses wood cellulose and triple the gelling ingredients to create a durable high fiber gel feed that is great for wood rasping species. It also makes an excellent weekend feeder for the community tank. This formula is also very palatable for aquatic snails, and because it lasts a long time, it makes a great “bait” for attracting them to one location where they can easily be culled from the aquarium.”

Whether you find Repashy’s product marketing offensive or hysterical (you cannot deny the creativity), there’s one important point to be made; this is probably the only wood-based feed specifically designed for wood-feeding catfishes on the market anywhere.

While we could have a field day taking over-the-top creative license with our closing remarks, we’ll leave those to your imagination (and comments)!’

You can download the full 2013-2014 Repashy Superfoods Catelog here. All images courtesy Repashy Superfoods.