Volume 3, Number 5

AMAZONAS September/October 2014 Cover, Volume 3 Number 5. Click to enlarge.

AMAZONAS May/June 2014 Cover. Click to enlarge.


Far more than just a neophyte’s easy-to-keep/easy-to-breed livebearer, members of the genus Xiphophorus are some the most exciting, even some of the sexiest, New World tropical fishes being kept in aquariums today.

Intriguing Origins: Look to the next issue of AMAZONAS for an unforgettable visit with Juan Miguel Artigas-Azas to the native waters of many swordtail species in beautiful pools, streams, and rivers in rural Mexico

Amazing New Strains: Hans-Georg Evers, Tobias Bernsee, Rainer Schultz reveal a portfolio of amazing swordtail color varieties and unusual morphs with award-winning finnage and rare color combinations.

Nano Swords: Unknown to most aquarists, Xiphophorus pygmaeus is a delightful dwarf swordtail in several color varieties that live in shoals and make fascinating subjects for smaller aquariums.

Whether we keep them or not (most of us won’t), all aquarists have a fascination with one of the world’s most feared fish. Expert Wolfgang Staeck profiles the available species with their behaviors, biology and propensity to bite.

• One of the most popular and influential online personalities and aquarium authorities, Julian “Jools” Dignall is the brains and energy behind Planet Catfish. AMAZONAS Editor Hans-Georg Evers gets a rare invitation to tour the personal fishroom of an aquarium legend to see what he is keeping and breeding.

• Dr. Paul V. Loiselle offers rare insights and an authoritative guide to some of the perenially most-popular aquarium fish of all: the Banded Barbs in the genus Puntius.

• Take a walk into the rainforest streams of Borneo in search of a highly diverse genus of aquatic plants that are among the most-coveted species among planted-tank enthusiasts today.

• Hans-Georg Evers goes in search of the thrillingly hued and ultra-rare Ajamaru Lakes Rainbowfish, Melanotaenia ajamaruensis, in a must-read story for all rainbowfish fans.

And more:  Look to the next issue of AMAZONAS for fresh inspiration, new ideas and a cover-to-cover celebration of the joys of aquaristics.

Publication Date: August 5, 2014
Materials Final Deadline: FRIDAY, JULY 11th