"Beneath The Branches" - Aquascape by Tyler Koch - Screencapture from YouTube

“Beneath The Branches” – Aquascape by Tyler Koch – Screencapture from YouTube

Tyler Koch recently shared his latest aquascape (via social media), a video of a tank entitled “Beneath The Branches”. I’m guessing he didn’t expect it to be selected for a bit of promotion on our website!

What caught my attention though, more than the aquascape, were the fish in the video. I couldn’t tell what they were in the tiny thumbnail image of the tank, but once I sat down and watched, it all made sense.

“Beneath The Branches”

Who knew that Tiger Barbs (Puntius tetrazona) and Harlequin Rasboras (Rasbora heteromorpha) would look so good in a planted tank?! It’s fair to say that this isn’t Koch’s first use of what many “seasoned aquarists” might consider “bread and butter” fish that we tend to overlook, instead trying to out-impress our fellow aquarists with the latest ultra-rare Fishius youneverheardofcus… Here’s two earlier examples from Koch using the same basic livestock choice with good results.

“2014 AGA Aquascaping Contest | “Flow” by Tyler Koch”


For more of Koch’s work, be sure to visit his Youtube Channel, TWK Aquascaping. (and note – I already have another of his videos in the cue to be featured here!)