AMAZONAS, the English Edition, Volume 4, Number 4.

AMAZONAS, the English Edition, Volume 4, Number 4.

AMAZONAS July/August 2015
The issue will reach homes and stores in the first week June, 2015

Historically, AMAZONAS cover themes featuring ornamental freshwater shrimp have become bestsellers and collector’s issues.

The next issue of AMAZONAS promises to be the best yet, with some of the most astonishing new color forms of Fire, Snow, Tiger, Bee, TiBee, Black Bee, Shadow Bee, Tangerine Tiger, and classic koi-like Red Cherry Shrimp. Look to the July/August issue of AMAZONAS for contributions by the Friedrich Bitter, Uwe Neumann, Rachel O’Leary, Hans-Georg Evers in a must-have edition for both expert and would-be shrimp keepers and breeders.

Other Features: Meeting the Glorious Rainbows of the genus Chilatherina • Hands-on setting up of a low-cost, low-maintenance, high-impact Nano Planted Tank with George Farmer • Breeding the beloved little Peppered Oto, Otocinclus arnoldi • Building a Lake Malawi Cichlid Biotope • Trekking the backwaters of Turkey in search of possible aquarium fishes

PLUS: Dr. Paul Loiselle looks at the Dynamic Danios—Old Friends and a New Wave of Exciting Species • Cichlid legend Pam Chin takes Rachel O’Leary and AMAZONAS readers on a tour of her world-class California fishroom filled with gorgeous Tropheus cichlids • Getting to know the beautiful glassfishes, keeping the new dwarf Orange-freckled Snakehead, Channa andrao and more.

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