When asked what I do for a living by a non-fishkeeper I will usually say, “I make fish tanks look pretty.”

The term aquascaper is then introduced, and I’ll describe it as landscape gardening, but in a glass box with aquatic plants and natural décor. I explain that the aquarium is the canvas. The plants, rocks, wood and fish are the paint. We are the artist with the paintbrush.

Aquariums and aquascaping as an art form is a foreign concept to many, and some folk still have the perception that fish tanks have to be filled with coloured gravel and tacky ornaments. It’s my mission to change that.

For me, aquascaping is the ultimate art form. It’s a three-dimensional, constantly evolving (if live plants or corals are used), living sculpture and slice of nature that brings a sense of tranquility and well-being to any interior space.

The entire process is a joy: the excitement of planning the set-up and aquascape design, planting, maintenance, and watching the aquascape mature. When compared with aquascaping with artificial décor, the sense of gratification runs so much deeper.

In my future online articles, I intend to cover all aspects of aquascaping: definitions and concepts, choosing equipment, hardscape selection and positioning, planting, maintenance, photography, and aquascaping contests. You can expect lots of hints and tips, too!

If there’s any particularly aspects you’d like me to cover, then please let me know.

Photo and video credit: George Farmer

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