Webinar: Keep Your Aquarium Free of Invasive Species - Ohio Sea Grant

Webinar: Keep Your Aquarium Free of Invasive Species – Ohio Sea Grant

Invasive species are now a perennial concern for the aquarium industry, and ongoing efforts from all directions are taking aim at curbing the environmental threat posed by exotic or inappropriate livestock and plants.

The latest effort to come to our attention is a free webinar series organized by Ohio Sea Grant. The forthcoming webinar, Keeping Your Aquarium Free of Invasive Species, is the latest installment in the Aquatic Invasive Webinar Series.

Greg Hitzroth, Organisms in Trade Outreach Specialist with Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant, will be presenting this 1-hour online event. “I will be highlighting aquatic plants, fish and mollusks that are in the aquarium trade,” he stated.

Some highlights may include “Anacharis, Hydrilla, Goldfish and Japanese Trapdoor Snail – mostly because there is more known about these species in this region. I will also be talking about species in trade that are predicted to be invasive in the Great Lakes Basin based on certain biological characteristics such as temperature tolerance and rates of reproduction.”

Webinar host Jill Jentes Banicki reiterated that the webinar is scheduled for 1-2 pm Eastern Time (12-1 pm CST), and there is no limit to the number of attendees. For those who cannot make it, the presentation and discussion will be added to the series archives at http://www.iisgcp.org/ais/oit.php

Get all the details and register at https://ohioseagrant.osu.edu/news/calendar/2015/08/31/utrmh/webinar-ais-in-home-aquaria