Ludwigia sp. "Super Red"

Ludwigia sp. “Super Red”

via The Wet Spot Tropical Fish

Great for adding movement and a colorful punch to the middle or background of a tank, Ludwigia sp. “Super Red” can be one of the most intensely red plants in the aquarium trade.

Reaching between 6 and 20 inches, this Ludwigia has thin stems and pointed red (or green depending on nutrient conditions) leaves. Easy to propagate, and quick to grow in CO2 tanks, trimmings can be replanted in nutrient substrate, or sideroots can be attached to wood or rocks. For optimal red coloration, nutrient supplementation of iron and nitrogen, high lighting, and CO2 setups are recommended.

Editor’s note: Some references assign this aquarium plant cultivar to the species Ludwigia palustris, others L. natans.