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Volume 8, Number 3

5    Letter from the Editor by Ann Whitman
6    Viewpoint by Michael Tuccinardi
8    Aquatic Notebook by AMAZONAS staff

16    Discovering Whiptail Catfishes in Peruby Norman Behr and Anja Katzschmann
26    All the Colors of the Chameleon by Norman Behr and Anja Katzschmann
32    Fonchiiloricaria nanodon— A new jewel for the hobby by Johann Forsthuber
42    Husbandry and Breeding — Beginner’s luck? Breeding Mikrogeophagus ramirezi by Tobias Pentzek
46    Reportage: Flashy Characins from West Africa by Friedrich Bitter
52    Aquatic plants: Eleocharis— Hair grasses for any aquascape by Sam Rutka
54    Reportage: Enteromius ablabes— An African barb worth keeping by Anton Lamboj
59    Custom Wedge and Rheophilic-flow Tanks for continuous spawning by Ann Whitman
62    Husbandry and Breeding — Collecting and breeding an unusual Chinese goby by Friedrich Bitter
68    Husbandry and Breeding — Tiny treasures—Dwarf Crocodile Fish (Indostomusspp.) by Alexander Dorn
76    Notes from the Field: Where are they all from? Sustainability in the freshwater ornamental fish trade by Hans-Georg Evers
82    Century Species: Sailfin Shiner — From North America by Friedrich Bitter

86    Aquarium Calendar — Upcoming events by Janine Banks
88    Retail Sources
90    Species Snapshots
95    Destinations — Premier aquarium retail stores
97    Advertiser Index
98    Underwater Eye by Michael J. Tuccinardi