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Volume 8, Number 4


5     Letter From The Editor by Ann Whitman
6     Viewpoint by Derek Wheaton
8     Aquatic Notebook by AMAZONAS staff

16     Dashing Darters by Friedrich Bitter
26     Elassoma— Pygmy Sunfishes  by Marco C. Haupt
36     Local Color —More than minnows by Friedrich Bitter
46     Aquatic Plants: Cold Fusion — Blending old and new techniques for low-maintenance planted tanks by Flick Ford with images by Mo Devlin
54     Reportage: American Sunfish by Mark Binkley
60     Aquarium Masterclass: Xingúzinho, Part I — Building a threatened fish community by Oliver Lucanus
68     Husbandry and Breeding: Keeping Cambarellus— North American dwarf river crayfishes by Friedrich Bitter
74     Anatomy of a crayfish by Ann Whitman
76     Husbandry and Breeding: Perseverance pays off—The successful breeding of Betta albimarginata ‘Malinau’ by Hansjürgen Dieke
82     Notes From The Field: A famous Bangkok experience: the Jatujak market by Hans-Georg Evers

88     Aquarium calendar — Upcoming events by Janine Banks
90     Retail Sources
92     Species Snapshots
95     Destinations — Premier aquarium retail stores
97     Advertiser Index
98     Underwater Eye by Michael J. Tuccinardi

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