The time is now - enter the 2019 Aquatic Gardeners Association International Aquascaping Contest today!

The time is now – enter the 2019 Aquatic Gardeners Association International Aquascaping Contest today!

via Aquatic Gardeners Association

Hello Friends and Aquascapers,

As we get into the middle of June, we know that it’s that time of the year again for the AGA. I am excited to announce that the 2019 International AGA Aquascaping Contest will officially open for submission of aquascape entries on June 15th, 2019. As with past contests, all information including the rules and guidelines, entry forms and other important information about the contest is provided on the website:

Of particular interest to the paludarium participants, we have revised the rules that define what we will accept for a proper paludarium. If you plan to enter this category, please review the rules thoroughly as the judges intend to be stringent in their selection criteria this year. Also, to better serve our aquascaping community, the contest is adding a Wabi Kusa category to reflect the general popularity of this style of aquascaping.

All entries are submitted via our online entry form and the AGA is again not requiring contestants to physically print, sign, and send in their photo releases for their aquascapes! You are still free to publish your photos anywhere you desire and the AGA will only use the photos for display as part of the contest results and other contest-related promotions as in the past.

Each year, the contest committee sends out a request for volunteers to help with the workload. The quality of the contest depends on the level of participation from dedicated volunteers from around the world, and this year will be no exception. Of particular importance is finding some individuals to post information on websites, forums, and other social media sites both in the United States as well as internationally. If you are involved with an international forum or club, please consider helping out by posting announcements.

If you would like to get involved, please email us at

I look forward to seeing the aquascapes when they are revealed in November of this year! Good luck aquascapers!

Bailin Shaw
Aquascaping Contest Chairperson