A male Nanochromis teugelsi. Image Credit: The Wet Spot

A male Nanochromis teugelsi. Image Credit: The Wet Spot

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Nanochromis teugelsi

Endemic to the middle regions of the Congo Basin, Nanochromis teugelsi is a small, lovely, and rare cichlid in the aquarium hobby. Reaching just 2 inches, they have thin bodies with opalescent blue, purple, and green coloration, a red stripe at the top of their caudal fin, and red eyes.


Nanochromis teugelsi is another Congo-dweller that appreciates cover, so tanks should be well furnished with decor up to the aquarist’s taste. This species is known to dig and requires sandy substrate and potted or well-secured plants. They also do best with peat filtration. Somewhat aggressive and territorial toward conspecifics, they should be kept as single pairs, and can do well alongside Alestiid tetras, and sometimes other dwarf cichlids.

Generally carnivorous, the bulk of their diets should consist of live and frozen invertebrates, though they are not picky and will accept high-quality dried granules and flakes. Waters are best kept with temperatures of 72 to 77°F, ph around neutral, and hardness under 142 ppm.

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