AMAZONAS Magazine, Volume 9, Number 6, KEEPING CHARACINS, on sale October 6th, 2020! On the cover: Lemon tetras (Hyphessobrycon pulchripinnis) top, spotted silver dollar (Metynnis maculatus) middle, and lipstick leporinus (Leporinus arcus) bottom. Photos by Horvath82/ Shutterstock (top), and Ernst Sosna (middle, bottom)
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Keeping Characins

Volume 9, Number 6

5 Letter From The Editor by Ann Whitman
6 Letter From The Publisher
by Stephan M. Tanner, Ph.D.
8 Aquatic Notebook
by AMAZONAS staff

20 New tetras—Discovery and first-time breeding by Hans-Georg Evers
30 “Cichlid-proof”— Robust characins for cichlid tanks by Ernst Sosna
38 Interview — A visit with piranha breeder Patrick Langer by Friedrich Bitter
46 Reportage — Three Gymnogeophagus species from Uruguay by Uwe Werne
54 Husbandry and Breeding — Aptly named—the jaguar loach by Ute Dederer and Friedrich Bitter
60 Husbandry and Breeding — Sour in name only: the lemon tetra, Hyphessobrycon pulchripinnis by Ernst Sosna
66 Aquatic Plants — Lighting for aquariums by Refet Ali Yalçin
72 All Things Aquascaping — Creating an Amazon for by Steve Waldron
82 Notes From The Field — All the little things you need by Hans-Georg Evers

88     Aquarium Calendar — Upcoming events by Janine Banks
90     Retail Sources
92     Species Snapshots
97     Advertiser Index
98     Underwater Eye

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