It’s not every day that an unusual invertebrate shows up in the aquarium market as a new captive-bred offering. Meet the Hercules Snail, Brotia herculea, a large, scavenging, easy-to-care-for mollusck currently being produced at Josh’s Frogs in Owosso, Michigan.

via Josh’s Frogs

Josh’s Frogs is proud to now offer captive-bred Hercules Snails! Brotia herculea is a large, livebearing snail closely related to Rabbit Snails sold in the aquarium hobby. Like Rabbit Snails, Hercules Snails have a brown spiral shell. Adults can reach up to 4″ in size. They are slow-growing and fairly long-lived for an invertebrate—up to four years in captivity. They are peaceful and make great scavengers for the aquarium. In the wild, they can be found in muddy riverbeds in Thailand and Myanmar.

Hercules Snails are not often bred for aquariums and are not at all common in the trade. Our Hercules Snails are of course 100% captive-bred and at least 3/4″ long at the time of sale. For more detailed care information, check out our Hercules Snail product page.