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5   Letter From The Editor by Courtney Tobler
8   Aquatic Notebook
New species of Badis from India 
by AMAZONAS editors
The evolution of swordtail ornamentation 
by Michi Tobler

12     Underappreciated in the hobby—Flatfishes in freshwater
by Ole Arnold Schneider
24     Brachirus cf. selheimi—A case study
by Stefan Baldus
34     A dwarf freshwater sole from Malaysia
by Stanislav Kislyuk
38     Husbandry and breeding — Mogurnda sp. ‘Fruata’ from the Bomberai Peninsula
by Kurt Heims
44     Reportage: Puzzling blue-eyed plecos
by Mark Regent
50     Reportage: Ecotourism at Camp Voltaire, French Guiana
by Ernst-Otto von Drachenfels
56     Reportage: Fish eggs through a lens
by Ralf Britz
66     All Things Aquascaping — Algae: biology, causes, and strategies for control
by Balin Shaw
74     Husbandry and breeding — A jewel among dwarf cichlids: Apistogramma panduro
by Ernst Sosna
78     Reportage: The genus Ophthalmotilapia— Featherfin mouthbrooders from Lake Tanganyika
by Wolfgang Staeck
86     Keeping the Cast — Bolo from Weird Waters®
by Courtney Tobler

88 Aquarium Calendar — Upcoming events
by Janine Banks
90 Retail Sources
92 Species Snapshots
97 Advertiser Index
98 Underwater Eye

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