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5     Letter From the Editor by Courtney Tobler
6     Aquatic Notebook
• L159 catfish described as Ancistrus luzia
by Courtney Tobler
• S.O.S. for Sulawesi’s freshwater world
by Markéta Rejlkova and Hans-Georg Evers
• A new loach from Central Anatolia
by Friedrich Bitter

12     Catching rainbows in Kaimana, New Guinea
by Johannes Graf
22     Breeding the Melanotaenia species of New Guinea and other rainbowfishes
by Gary Lange
34     Conserving threatened Australian rainbowfishes
by Peter Unmack
44     Blue-eyes: beauties from Oceania
by Wim Heemskerk
54     Reportage: The fabulous Fundulopanchax killifishes
by Gregory J. Niedzielski
64     Husbandry and Breeding: From death to birth: Pseudohemiodon apithanos, the chameleon whiptail catfish
by Sumer Tiwari
72     Reportage: All-important Artemia: a brief brine shrimp bio
by Kriton Kunz
80     Reportage: Characins and barbs in southern Sierra Leone
by Anton Lamboj and Amidu Mansaray
86     Keeping the Cast — Paddles from Weird Waters® by Courtney Tobler

88 Aquarium Calendar — Upcoming events
by Janine Banks
90 Retail Sources
92 Species Snapshots
97 Advertiser Index
98 Underwater Eye

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