This “Devil Wolf Flowerhorn” presents an interesting combination of peach, light blue, and black.

via Nautilus Tropical Fish Wholesale

Joe Hiduke, Sales Manager for Florida-based Nautilus Tropical Fish Wholesale, showcased a new man-made cichlid variety while writing retailers from the show floor at the Triple-Crown Convention hosted by the American Cichlid Association convention (ACA).

Hiduke, possibly typing this in on his smartphone’s QUERTY keyboard from the show floor, wrote: “I have a new Florida flowerhorn. I have a few pieces of a new ‘devil wolf flowerhorn’, which I assume is a dovii/red devil cross, and I assume it’s inherited the worst traits of each parent. It has way more of a rounded face than either parent, so maybe it won’t be as nasty, but I’m keeping the few pieces I have at one per tank for now. They do show a neat blue sheen, presumably from the dovii parent.”

It’s the 50th national convention for the ACA, and this show also includes the American Killifish Association (AKA), The American Livebearer Association (ALA), and the North American Australian New Guinea Fishes Association (NA ANGFA). Hiduke is present on and off in the vendor room this weekend, so if you’re there you can ask him more about this! Plus, much of the AMAZONAS Staff are there as well (say “Hi” to Stephan Tanner, Courtney Tobler, and Alex Rose, along with countless authors and contributors).