The 2022 All-Aquarium Catfish Convention will be held in Herndon, Virginia, October 7th - 9th.
The 2022 All-Aquarium Catfish Convention will be held in Herndon, Virginia, October 7th – 9th.

via Potomac Valley Aquarium Society and CatfishCon

October 7-9, 2022
Hyatt Regency Dulles, Herndon, Virginia

Catfishionados unite! Join us for a fintastic weekend featuring expert speakers, fish and other aquatic goodies to buy and sell, social events, vendors, demos, our famous all-day auction and much more. You’ll be surrounded by like-minded aquarists who love to chat about their favorite whiskered fishes. Hosted by the Potomac Valley Aquarium Society – a non-profit social and educational organization of aquarists in the Washington, DC metro area.

Featured Speakers include:

  • Leandro Sousa from Altamira, Brazil. Leandro is a Professor of Biology and Ichthyology who studies the fishes (especially plecos!) of the Xingu River. His subjects are some of the most exciting plecos in the hobby, including zebras, sunshines, scarlet cactus, gold nuggets and more! In Leandro’s presentations you will learn about the natural habitats of these fishes as well as his conservation efforts.
  • Oliver Drescher from Vienna, Austria is one of a very few aquarists to breed catfishes from Africa’s rivers. Come learn how he does it!
  • Eric Thomas (a/k/a/ Bekateen) from Stockton, California is an accomplished aquarist and Professor of Biology at the University of the Pacific. SCIENCE ALERT! Eric will be presenting some of his current work in his talk “Self-Poisoning in Corydoras Catfish: a Research Update.”
  • Steven Grant from Castleford, UK. “The Dark One” is an aquarist and amateur ichthyologist of 30 years who has described several catfish species. Steven spent the pandemic publishing a couple of books about catfishes including Pimelodids and Woodcats. He will be telling us all about Skunk Corydoras (s), and “The Mothcat Prophecies.”

The Spree on Three is back!!! It starts Friday, October 7 at around 9:30 pm on the 3rd floor of the convention hotel. What is the Spree on Three? Imagine an entire floor of a beautiful Hyatt Regency turned into a huge aquatic house party. Top breeders and importers will fill their hotel rooms with rare and unusual specimens, aquatic-themed art, and much more. Wander from room to room while you stop to chat fish with new and old friends. Enjoy a cold beverage and some snacks from a hospitality room. Catfish fans are some of the coolest folks you’ll meet in the hobby and this is your chance to hang out. Please note, double room availability is limited so make your reservations now!

You could win a one-week collecting trip aboard the Esperanza riverboat out of Iquitos, Peru, where you will sample a wide variety of habitats from tiny creeks to large river channels using different catch techniques to sample the waters. *Winner will be responsible for transportation to Iquitos (usually less than $1,000 from major US cities) and fish transport costs. Raffle tickets will be limited to 100 (a 1% chance to win with each ticket!). Raffle proceeds benefit the convention and Project Amazonas, a non-profit organization.

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