Ilyodon furcidens, the Trout Goodeid, is one of six attractive species that Mike Howe suggests are the best for first-time keepers of these uncommercialized aquarium fish that are typically only available through hobbyist exchange.

Given our recent coverage of the aquarium hobby and conservation (Sept/Oct 2022), plus our earlier cover feature of the goodeids (Mar/Apr 2022), it seemed incredibly timely to share this new video from Mike Howe and The Fish Tank Barn.

Howe is a veteran aquarist in Auburn Hills, Michigan, who has experience with both freshwater and marine aquariums. His two-story “fish barn” is home to a wide range of rare, non-commercial species, and in this installment from his Youtube channel, Howe presents his selections of suitable, engaging species for the first-time goodied keeper. Do you agree with his recommendations? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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