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5     Letter From The Editor by Courtney Tobler
6     Aquatic Notebook
       • Redtail Garra recently named
by Courtney Tobler
       • The origins of domesticated Betta
by Michi Tobler
      • The father-of-the-year award goes to: not this cichlid
by Michi Tobler

12     Freshwater stingrays and CITES regulation
by Friedrich Bitter
22     Behind the scenes of a large-scale freshwater stingray breeding operation
by Nathan Chiang
32     Reportage Ecoadventures near Puerto Maldonado, Peru
by Ernst Sosna
46     Reportage What’s in a name? Redefining the genus Hemichromis
by Anton Lamboj
52     Reportage Cichlids and more from Sierra Leone
by Anton Lamboj and Amidu Mansaray
60     Husbandry and breeding Breeding Corydoras geryi
by Dean Baayens
68     Husbandry and breeding Breeding the new penguin tetra: Thayeria sp. ‘Teles Pires’ 
by Hans-Georg Evers
74     Husbandry and breeding A small livebearer from the Amazon—Poecilia branneri
by Wolfgang Staeck
82     Aquatic plants — A plant portrait: Echinodorus grisebachii
by Rudolf Suttner

88 Aquarium Calendar
90 Retail Sources
92 Species Snapshots
97 Advertiser Index
98 Underwater Eye

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