Two new Blitz canister filters from Ultum Nature Systems.

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Made out of premium-grade stainless steel, Blitz canister filters set new standards in aquarium water purification.

Available in two compact sizes: 6oz & 32oz.
Available in two compact sizes: 6oz & 32oz.

Blitz is a sleek nano canister filter solution with high visual appeal and flow efficiency. Its stainless steel body and pipes are durable and built to last. Circulation is generated by a quiet yet powerful pump. This nano filter was designed to be easily disassembled for quick maintenance.

Reliable Filtration

The Blitz filtration system offers consistent and lasting performance, combining form and function into one. Its compact size suits limited spaces and fosters a thriving aquatic ecosystem through customizable media and versatile installation options. Included inflow and outflow pipes feature the same corrosion-resistant coating as the filter itself.

Blitz 6oz

The Blitz 6oz is a compact canister filter that hits the mark on form and function. Featuring a simple soda can shape and stainless steel finish, Blitz provides effective filtration for nano aquariums. Enjoy room for media customization, efficient flow, and streamlined design.

Blitz 6oz, perfectly suited to the smallest of aquariums.

Blitz 32oz

Want more power? The Blitz 32oz Canister Filter contains a powerful pump that supports aquariums up to 10 gallons. The canister features heavy-duty metal latches and an electroplated gunmetal finish for a polished look.

Innovative Solution

The Blitz filtration system is constructed for durability and corrosion resistance, ensuring it stands the test of time. Customizable filter media options enhance water clarity and create a healthier aquatic environment. Reduced noise and efficient water circulation create an optimal environment for fish and plants.

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