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5     Letter From The Editor by Courtney Tobler
6     Viewpoint
           The meaning of variation within species
by Michi Tobler
14     Aquatic Notebook
           New generic names for familiar Sri Lankan barbs
by Courtney Tobler

16     Up-to-date in matters Amatitlania: The convict cichlids
by Uwe Werner
26     Up-to-date in matters Amatitlania: The former Cryptoheros
by Uwe Werner
38     Red Alert: Amatitlania kanna is on the “Red List”
by Ernst Sosna
48     Reportage — Attractive and rare, but seldom seen: Notoglanidium sp.
by Anton Lamboj
52     Reportage — Danionella—fascinating miniature fishes
by Ralf Britz
62     Reportage — The Chocó Sailfin and other new Colombian tetras
by Oliver Lucanus
68     Reportage — Underwater in clear German lakes
by Andreas Spreinat
76     Husbandry and breeding — Making the case for ramshorn snails
by Ann Whitman
84     Aquatic Plants An unusual aquatic plant: Rhyncholacis clavigera
  by Wolfgang Staeck

90     Aquarium Calendar
92     Retail Sources
94     Species Snapshots
97     Advertiser Index
98     Underwater Eye

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