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5     Letter From The Editor by Courtney Tobler
6     Aquatic Notebook 
      • The Rosy Loach described as Physoschistura mango by Courtney Tobler
      • The Colossal Cory by Steve Grant

10   Aphaniidae—Keeping Eurasian-African killifishes 
by André Kahnt
22   Waterlilies indoors and out by Rudolf Suttner
32   Blonde Guppies under the southern sun by Sebastian Wolf
36   Medaka: Wanderers Between Worlds by Friedrich Bitter
46   Reportage From the depths of Lake Tanganyika: Benthochromis horii by Wolfgang Staeck
50   Reportage The Prigen Ark: a species conservation project in Indonesia by Hans-Georg Evers
56   Reportage Taxonomic revision of the South American pike cichlids by Wolfgang Staeck
64   Husbandry and breeding Cynops cyanurus: Blue-Tailed Fire-Belly Newts by Sean Twohy
76   AGA Winners: 2023 International Aquascaping Contest by Bailin Shaw

90     Aquarium Calendar
92     Retail Sources
94     Species Snapshots
97     Advertiser Index
98     Underwater Eye

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