These videos, brought to my attention by the Save Ayamaru Lakes Facebook page, show off “crowds” of Boesemani Rainbowfish, Melanotaenia boesemani, in the wild. Frankly, it’s not something I ever expected to see.

For all the times I’ve seen rainbowfish in planted tanks, quite frankly to see this species in its natural habitat completely threw me for a loop.  These videos have me strongly reconsidering the type of “biotope” aquascaping appropriate for this rainbowfish species.

I reached out to the administrators of Save Ayamuru Lakes to get some background, in their own words, regarding the past and current status and threats facing this part of the world.  What we got back was a rather extensive response from Marten Luter Salossa, and I hope we are able to share it with you soon!

Update – read the guest commentary of Marten Luter Salossa, of Save Ayamaru Lakes, on