Richly black with sky blue eyes, a recent import of “blue eye panaques” is reminiscent of those that used to be far more common in the aquarium trade decades prior.

via Nautilus Tropical Fish Wholesale

“Blue-eye plecos are in stock,” exclaimed Joe Hiduke in today’s email newsletter to aquarium retailers around the country.

“I think this is the first time I’ve had them here where they weren’t [brought in] for a show. The large ones that came in might be the nicest ones I’ve seen in the last few years. They [usually] come in a lot bigger and more gray than black. This batch is gorgeous, with clean fins, long caudal extensions, and great color.

“Blue-eye pleco taxonomy is kind of a mess; you can read a little about this on Planet Catfish. Panaque suttoni, P. suttonorum, P. cochliodon, and/or P. cf cochliodon have all been used for blue-eye plecos from different areas. The fish I have seem to match the cf. cochliodon pics that I’ve seen, but this may be a function of size. Buy the fish and you can call it whatever you want.

“Like other Panaque species, make sure they have driftwood to chew on as well as algae wafers. Repashy Morning Wood gel diet is perfect for these or other wood-feeding species. The small size of these are about 2″, so the bigger ones are definitely what you want.”